Ken Harrington

Ken Harrington

Web Developer

Personal Profile

Hard working results-oriented web developer with a flair for creating and implimenting solutions in the least amount of time. With strong attention to detail, provide technical knowledge and expertise, build new websites from start to finish, and successfully manage a team. Over 20 years experience designing and developing user interfaces, testing, debugging, and training others.

Work Experience

CTO/Web Developer at Caribbean Dream

September 2013 - March 2019

Full stack web developer responsible for front-end and back-end development. Led teams of 2-4 employees each

Created A/B test plans and managed implementation driving improvements in site execution and experience

Created first ever e-commerce website in the Dominican Republic capable of accepting Credit Cards payments online.

Responsible for design, maintenance, marketing, content, photography, and coding

Business grew to encompass dozens of websites and became highly successful.

CTO/Web Developer at Punta Cana Rentals

September 2013 - January 2019

Created first ever vacation rental business and website(s) within the Punta Cana region of the Dominican Republic..

Responsible for all areas of business, including everything technical

Emphasis on mobile friendly design and customer usability

Database backend and control panel custom designed and created to manage entire project

CTO/Web Developer

Turismo Hosting

June 2009 - December 2011

Designed websites for clients on a contract basis using CMS (mostly Wordpress and Joomla) along with hand coding

Created concepts and developed scope of project

Maintained schedules and assured on-time delivery of content

Web Developer

DR1 Travel

May 2008 - June 2010

Created first ever online booking engine for small and boutique hotels within the Domincan Republic

Responsible for all design, photography, marketing, coding, and development of the platform from cradle to grave


April 2005 - December 2008

Stay at home Dad
Traded Forex
Traveled the World

Project Lead at Caribbean Cable Communications

March 2004 - April 2005

Researched and selected vendors and equipment for the NLOS (Non Line Of Sight) Microwave backhaul to provide VoIP service between islands, competing directly against the government monopolized telco

Serviced internal Windows based IT needs and maintained and monitored backhaul lines to the USA for this mobile telephone carrier for the majority of Latin America

Provide a reliable backhaul for Internet users using LOS (Line of Sight) Microwave between West Indies Islands and interconnect to a submarine cable

Network Engineer at DigiCel

June 2003 - February 2004

Responsible for network infrastructure, update and maintenance of Windows Servers, and antivirus

CTO/Web Developer at Images by ConstanceSue

Sept 2001 - January 2004

Created the first solely online Wedding Photography Service in New England

Designed and developed user friendly website including all onsite and offsite SEO

Responsible for all marketing, design, and coding. Hand coding all HTML, PHP, and database applications.

Remote Access/SS7 Manager at NaviPath

June 1999 - November 2001

Instrumental in helping grow the company from 50,000 end users, to 2.5 million end users nationally. These POPs started with a variety of T1s, PRIs, and ISUP trunks. We chose to implement SS7 for signaling to save costs, and fully integrate with the PSTN to eventually supply voice service to our customers. I was responsible for turning up the POPs by first setting up links, linksets, and/or combined linksets by setting up the proper translations in our switches.

These settings included relevant DPC, ADC, CICs, and CLLI codes along with the previously mentions links and linksets I would then test layers 1 through layer 3 of our SS7 links to a variety of STPs with our SS7 provider. Once ISUP testing was completed and passed, I would turn up and test PRIs, T1s, or ISUP trunks depending on the requirements of that POP. These were normally terminated into a DS3, whether the carrier originated a DS3, or originated DS1s by multiple carriers' muxed into a single DS3

Manager VoIP Operations at Mountain Solutions Long Distance

June 1998 - November 1999

Converted existing PBX toll by-pass infrastructure with that of VoIP with a design so successful it was adopted nationally

Realized substantial savings by migrating current customer base from Meridian PBX to Cisco VoIP and automating maintenance and upgrade procedures.

Designed and implemented the first national Cisco based VoIP network using the public Internet and AAA authentication

Key Skills

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CSS
  • Wordpress
  • Photoshop
  • DNS Management
  • VOIP
  • SS7
  • TCP/IP
  • Linux
  • SEO

WAN Experience

Remote access servers including J&L ChatterBox, Shiva, Citrix, Ascend, Lucent, Nortel, and Cisco implementing POTS, PPP, PPTP, DSL, ISDN, PRI, T1, T3, DS3, Frame Relay and CSU/DSU

Operating Systems

DOS, Lantastic, Windows 3.x, WFWG, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, NetWare 3.x, NetWare 4.x, QNX, OS/2, Cisco IOS. Ascend AOS

Network Skill

Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, ATM, FDDI, HSSI, IPX, SPX, NetBEUI, NetBIOS, TCP, UDP, TCP/IP Internet connectivity including, DNS, WINS, SMTP, DHCP,HTTP, NNTP, SNMP, bridging and routing

Voice Protocols

VoIP, VoFR, VoATM, H.323, SIP, MGCP, SS7, Q.931, IPDC, DSMCC


  • 3Com Wizard (3Com)
  • Ascend Product Specialist (Ascend Communications)
  • CNA 3.x (Novell)
  • CNE 3.x (Novell)
  • CNE 4.x (Novell)
  • Fore LAN ATM Certified (Fore Technologies)
  • IBM CSE LAN Server 4.x (IBM)
  • LAN Server Engineer (IBM)
  • MCP NT Server 4.x (Microsoft)
  • MCSE 3.x (Microsoft)
  • Nortel SS7 Gateway Controller (Nortel)
  • Tricord Systems Engineer (Tricord)

Work Examples


National University Polytechnic Institute

San Diego, CA

Major: Oceanography